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Sore point

a subject which causes unpleasant memories of past difficulties and arguments
(아픈 곳, 불만의 원인)

A very similar phrase to this is ‘touchy subject’, or a ‘no go area’.  They both have the idea that it is something that you should not really talk about, a sore point is really something that is unpleasant for somebody for a particular reason.

a sore point with 사람

Don’t ask him why he had to sell his car last year; it’s a sore point with him.
(그에게 작년에 왜 차를 팔았는지 묻지마, 아픈 데니까.)

Don’t speak about what happened on holiday last summer; it’s a sore point with her.
(작년 휴가 때 무슨 일이 일어났는지 말하지마, 그녀에게 아픈 곳이야.)

Don’t ask Adam if he got a salary increase this year; he didn’t, and it is a sore point with him.
(아담에게 올해 월급이 올랐는지 묻지마, 그러지 못해서 불만이니까.)
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See red

Become very angry
(몹시 화를 내다, 붉으락 푸르락하다)

He’ll see red
I saw red
It just make me see red

I was so angry, I just saw red for a moment and hit him.
(나는 너무 화가 나서 잠시 이성을 잃고 그를 쳤다.)
It makes me see red when I see someone hitting an animal.
(누가 동물을 때리는 것을 보면 정말 화가 난다.)
When he laughed in my face, I just saw red.
(그가 내얼굴을 보고 웃었을 때 몹시 화가 났다.)
Some internet customers are seeing red as a result of the new virus that slowed Web traffic last week.
(지난주 인터넷을 느리게 하는 새 바이러스 때문에 일부 인터넷 사용자들은 몹시 화가 났다.)
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Touch and go

dangerously very uncertain(아슬아슬한 상황)
quick action or movement(빠른 움직임)

The car was in a very bad condition, and it was touch and go whether it would get us home or not.
(차 상태가 나뻐서 집에 잘 올지말지 알수 없는 위험한 상황이었다.)
It was touch and go there for a while during the operation.
(수술하는 동안 잠시 위험했었다)
a touch-and-go descent down the mountain.
(산의 급한 내리막길)
It was touch and go but they finally gave me a seat on the plane
(불안했지만 결국 비행기 자리를 잡을 수 있었다.)

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in one ear and out the other

does not listen
(한귀로 듣고 한귀로 흘린다 )

I’ve told him a hundred times not to go out without his coat on, but what I say just goes in one ear and out the other.
(그에게 겉옷 입고 나가라고 수백번이나 얘기했지만 그냥 한귀로 듣고 한귀로 흘린다.)

Why don’t you let in one ear and out the other?(왜 한 귀로 듣고 한 귀로 흘리지 그러세요?)

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Get One Down

make one tired and unhappy
(다른 사람을) 좌절시키다, 힘들게 하다

discourage or depress someone

Don’t bring me down
Don’t let things get you down.

He had to stop work, because the problems and difficulties of the job got him down after a time(그는 일을 그만두어야 한다. 왜냐하면 그 일의 문제와 어려움이 그를 좌절시키기 때문이다.)

Day after day of rain really gets me down(매일 내리는 비가 나를 정말 우울하게 만든다)

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For heaven’s sake

뜻:a very strong form of ‘please’
제발, 아무쪼록 (뒤에 오는 명령형을 강조, 하지만 화났을 때도 자주 사용한다.)
*a very strong form of “please”. But we often use it almost as an expletive or something we say when we are angry.

‘for God’s sake’ or ‘for Christ’s sake’
Other similar idioms are “for the love of God” or ‘for crying out loud’ but these are more used for emphasis without any particular meaning.

For heaven’s sake don’t do that again! Or I shall get very angry.
(제발 두번 다시 그러지마. 화낼 거야.)

For heaven’s sake, stop talking about Terry!
(부탁이니까 테리얘기는 그만 좀 해.)

For heaven’s sake, why didn’t you call?
(도대체 왜 전화 안 했어?)

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Why on earth

뜻:도대체 어떻게, 왜, 어디서, 누가 등

why the hell
what on earth
why the blazes


Why on earth are you doing this ?
(너 도대체 왜 이런 짓을 하는거야?)
Why on earth are you here?!
(도대체 왜 네가 여기에 있는 거니?!)

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Let oneself go

뜻:Relax and enjoy oneself
(자제심을 잃다;제멋대로 하다・먹고 싶은대로 먹어서 살찌다)


Eat, drink and be merry, Christmas comes but once a year, so let yourself go.
(먹고, 마시고, 즐겨라!크리스마스는 일년에 한번밖에 오지 않으니 맘껏 먹어라.)

The evening was really a great success, everyone let themselves go.
(그날 밤은 굉장히 성공적이었다. 모두 맘껏 즐겼다.)

I love to dance and just let myself go. Let yourself go, John. Learn to enjoy.
(나는 춤을 아주 좋아하고 내가 추고 싶은대로 춰!너도 그렇게 해 존! 함께 즐기자)

When I was depressed, I let myself go and was really a mess.
(좌절했을 때, 자제심을 잃고 엉망이 되었었다.)

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pull oneself together


to discipline oneself after going through a difficult time.

(기운 [ 용기 , 침착 ]을 되찾다 , 냉정 해지다, 자제 하다. 마음을 추스리다, 정신을 차리다.)


유의어: get a grip on oneself, get over it, buck up (informal),


He’s finding it hard to pull himself together after the accident.

(사고 후 그는 정신을 차리기가 어려웠다.)

You’ll have to pull yourself together if you want to pass that exam.

(그 시험에 합격하고 싶다면 정신차려야 할거야.)

He pulled himself together and got back to work.

(그는 냉정을 찾고 다시 일했다.)

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I don’t know if I’m coming or going

I am confused (by so much that is happening)



I don’t know whether I’m coming or going


I’ve got so many problems and so much work to do that I just don’t know if I’m coming or going.

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