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pull oneself together


to discipline oneself after going through a difficult time.

(기운 [ 용기 , 침착 ]을 되찾다 , 냉정 해지다, 자제 하다. 마음을 추스리다, 정신을 차리다.)


유의어: get a grip on oneself, get over it, buck up (informal),


He’s finding it hard to pull himself together after the accident.

(사고 후 그는 정신을 차리기가 어려웠다.)

You’ll have to pull yourself together if you want to pass that exam.

(그 시험에 합격하고 싶다면 정신차려야 할거야.)

He pulled himself together and got back to work.

(그는 냉정을 찾고 다시 일했다.)

Conversation 1
A: I got into a fight with friend this morning.

B: Are you all right? What happened?

A: We had a little disagreement on one issue that I just could not pull myself together and yelled at him.

B: It’s not you.

A: Sorry, mom.

A: 오늘 아침 친구와 좀 싸웠어.

B: 괜찮니? 무슨 일이야?

A: 어떤 문제로 좀 다투다가 이성을 잃고 소리를 질렀어.

B: 너답지 않구나.

A: 미안해요. 엄마.

Conversation 2

Girl finds her workmate crying in the back room at work.

A: Hey what are you doing in here?

B: (Crying)

A: What’s the matter? Is everything alright?

B: (Still crying) The boss just told me off, he said if I don’t improve then I will lose this job.

A: There, there, calm down, pull yourself together.

B: I don’t know what to do, if I lose this job I am in real trouble.

A: I know, but you are not going to make things better by hiding in here crying.

B: What am I going to do?

A: Well, first you need to dry your eyes and straighten yourself out, then get out there and prove him wrong. Don’t let him get to you.

B: Thanks for your help, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

(직장에서 한 여성이 동료가 뒷방에서 울고 있는 것을 발견했다.)

A: 어, 너 여기서 뭐해? B:(울고 있다)

A: 무슨 일이야?괜찮아?

B: (아직 울고 있다)사장에게 혼났는데 제대로 하지 않으면 잘릴거래.

A: 아이구, 아이구, 진정하고 정신차려

B: 어떻하면 좋을지 모르겠어, 해고되면 정말 큰일이야.

A: 알았어. 여기 숨어서 운다고 아무 해결 것도 되지 않아.

B: 어떻하면 좋아?

A: 글쎄, 일단 눈물을 닦고 정신차려서 밖에 나가서 사장이 잘못했다는 것을 증명해보여. 사장 마음대로 하지 못하게 해.

B: 도와줘서 고마워. 네가 없으면 어떻할지 몰랐을 거야.

Conversation 3

A: Hi there, is Sarah home.

B: No she has gone out drinking again, I have hardly seen her for weeks.

A: She’s out again?

B: Yeah, she goes out nearly every night.

A: What happened? She never used to be like that.

B: Her boyfriend back home broke up with her a few weeks ago, and she has been going out a lot since then.

A: Oh I see, was she really upset?

B: I think so, but she pretends that everything is ok.

A: She needs to pull herself together, she’ll get herself into trouble if she keeps going out drinking all the time. Can you get her to call me when you see her and I’ll see if I can help her.

B: Ok, I will. Good luck.

A: 안녕, 새라 집에 있어?

B: 아니, 또 술마시러 갔어 몇주째 못봤어.

A: 또 나갔어?

B: 음, 거의 매일 밤 나가.

A: 무슨 일이 있었을까? 그런 애가 아니었는데.

B: 몇 주전에 남자친구가 새라하고 해어지고 자기 집으로 돌아간 후 계속 나가고 있어.

A: 음~그렇구나, 굉장히 화나있니?

B: 그럴 거야. 아무렇지도 않은 척 하지만..

A: 정신차려야 할텐데. 그렇게 밖에서 계속 술만 마시면 큰일 날거야. 새라 보면 나한테 전화하라고 해, 내가 해줄 수 있는게 있는지..

B: 오케이!알았어. 굿럭!

(Callan book4, Stage 8 757p)

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