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Touch and go

dangerously very uncertain(아슬아슬한 상황)
quick action or movement(빠른 움직임)

The car was in a very bad condition, and it was touch and go whether it would get us home or not.
(차 상태가 나뻐서 집에 잘 올지말지 알수 없는 위험한 상황이었다.)
It was touch and go there for a while during the operation.
(수술하는 동안 잠시 위험했었다)
a touch-and-go descent down the mountain.
(산의 급한 내리막길)
It was touch and go but they finally gave me a seat on the plane
(불안했지만 결국 비행기 자리를 잡을 수 있었다.)

Conversation 1
A: How is your car?
B: Not good, sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t.
A: Didn’t you just drive back from Melbourne?
B: Yeah, it was touch and go all the way, I kept thinking that it was going to stop and never start again, I was so glad when I got home.
A: I’ll bet, why don’t you take it to a garage?
B: I would but I don’t have enough cash at the moment.

A: 자동차 상태가 어때?
B: 별로 안좋아. 엔진이 걸릴 때도 있고 안 걸릴 때도 있고..
A: 멜번에서 운전하고 오지않았어?
B: 응, 오는 내내 위험했어. 도중에 멈췄다가 다시 움직이지 않는 건 아닌가 계속 마음 졸였어. 집에 도착했을 땐 얼마나 기쁘던지..
A: 그랬겠지, 정비소에 안가져가?
B: 가려고 했는데 지금 돈이 별로 없어

Conversation 2
A: How is your father?  I heard he was in hospital.
B: Yes, he had a heart attack last week.
A: Is he going to be ok?
B: They don’t know, it is still touch and go, but they should know more when they have done some tests.
A: I hope he is alright, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

A: 아버님 상태는 좀 어때? 입원하셨다고 들었는데..
B: 응, 지난주 심장마비를 일으키셨어.
A: 괜찮으시데?
B: 잘 모른데. 아직 좀 불안해. 테스트 몇개 하면 더 자세히 알게 되겠지.
A: 괜찮으셔야 할텐데. 기도할께.

(Callan book5, Stage 9 852p)

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