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Let oneself go

뜻:Relax and enjoy oneself
(자제심을 잃다;제멋대로 하다・먹고 싶은대로 먹어서 살찌다)


Eat, drink and be merry, Christmas comes but once a year, so let yourself go.
(먹고, 마시고, 즐겨라!크리스마스는 일년에 한번밖에 오지 않으니 맘껏 먹어라.)

The evening was really a great success, everyone let themselves go.
(그날 밤은 굉장히 성공적이었다. 모두 맘껏 즐겼다.)

I love to dance and just let myself go. Let yourself go, John. Learn to enjoy.
(나는 춤을 아주 좋아하고 내가 추고 싶은대로 춰!너도 그렇게 해 존! 함께 즐기자)

When I was depressed, I let myself go and was really a mess.
(좌절했을 때, 자제심을 잃고 엉망이 되었었다.)

Conversation 1
Guy finds his friend alone in the kitchen at a party

A: Hi, what are you doing in here?
B: Oh, I’m not really in the mood for a party.
A: Why not? This is a great party.
B: I know, but I just broke up with my girlfriend last week so I’m feeling a little down.
A: Don’t be stupid, you have to get over her.
B: I know
A: there are lots of cute girls here at the party, let yourself go, have a good time and you might meet someone else or at least have fun trying, remember there are plenty more fish in the sea.
A: Ok, I’ll try

(남자가 파티에서 부엌에 혼자 있는 친구를 발견했다.)
A: 어이, 여기서 뭐해?
B: 어, 별로 파티할 기분이 아니야.
A: 왜, 멋진 파티인데.
B: 알아. 근데 지난 주에 여자친구와 막 헤어져서, 좀 우울해.
A: 바보처럼 굴지마、、그여자는 잊어버려.
B: 알았어.
A: 파티에 예쁜 애들 많아, 맘껏 즐기고 좋은 시간 가져. 다른 여자 만나든지, 적어도 즐기라고.. 바다에는 고기가 잔뜩있다는 것 잊지마!
A: 오케이, 그럴께.

Conversation 2
Girl to her friend

A: Hi are you going to come out with us tonight.
B: No, I don’t think so.
A: Why not, you never come out.
B: I just don’t really feel like it.
A: Come on, let yourself go, you might enjoy yourself. Don’t be so shy
B: Alright then, I’ll come out tonight.

(여자가 친구에게)
A: 안녕!오늘 밤 우리하고 나갈래?
B: 아니, 아마 안 갈거야.
A: 왜?전혀 놀러 안 가잖아.
B: 그냥 그럴 기분이 안 나.
A: 그리지 말고, 속박을 풀고 즐기라고. 쑥스러워 하지 말고!
B: 알았어, 오늘 밤 나갈께.

Conversation 3
Opposite negative meaning

A: Have you seen Kate recently?
B: Yes, I saw her yesterday, why?
A: I hadn’t seen her for weeks and I saw her today and didn’t recognise her.
B: Yes, she has put on some weight.
A: Some? You mean a lot, she has totally let herself go, she used to be so pretty, but now she looks terrible, what happened to her?
B: I don’t know, maybe you should talk to her.
A: I will.

(부정적인 뜻으로)
A: 최근 케이트 만났어?
B: 응, 어제 만났어 왜?
A: 몇주동안 못 보다가 오늘 만났는데 못 알아봤어.
B: 맞아, 체중이 좀 늘었지.
A: 좀?  많이지?완전히 절제심을 버렸는지, 전에는 굉장히 예뻤는데 지금은 엉망이더라.
무슨 일이 있었지?
B: 나도 몰라, 걔랑 얘기해볼래?
A: 그럴께.

(Callan book4, Stage 8 765p)

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