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I don’t know if I’m coming or going

I am confused (by so much that is happening)



I don’t know whether I’m coming or going


I’ve got so many problems and so much work to do that I just don’t know if I’m coming or going.


Conversation 1

A: How was your dinner party?

B: Oh, it was pretty good, but I had to cook for about fifteen people.

A: You’re joking, how did you manage?

B: It wasn’t too bad, but in the end I didn’t know if I was coming or going because everything was ready at the same time.

A: But was the food okay?

B: I think so, nobody said anything, but I think a few things were a little burnt.

A: 디너파티어땠니?

B: 어, 상당히좋았어, 그런데열다섯명분의음식을만들어야했어.

A: 정말? 어떻게다했어?

B: 그렇게힘들지도않았지만마지막에는모든걸동시에만들었기때문에정신없었어.

A: 그래도음식은괜찮았어?

B: 그랬다고생각해. 아무도뭐라고안했지만탄게조금있었어.

Conversation 2

A: What are you doing tonight?

B: Nothing at all, I have had a crazy day at work so I am going to go home and put my feet up.

A: Why was work so crazy?

B: We have had people off sick all week so we are all working twice as hard. Most of the time I don’t know if I’m coming or goingbecause I am trying to do three jobs at once. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

A: Me too, and my week has been really dull!

A: 오늘밤뭐해?

B: 전혀계획없어. 회사직장일이힘들었기때문에집에가서쉬려고해.

A: 왜그렇게힘들었는데?

B: 일주일내내아파서결근한사람들이있었기때문에모두두배로일했어야했어. 동시에세가지일을하려고했으니뭐가뭔지 모르겠더라구. 얼른주말이되면좋겠어.

A: 나도일주일내지루했어.

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