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Feel down in the dumps

be feeling very depressed and miserable
좌절하다, 우울하다, 낙담하다

be down in the dumps
Be feeling down in the dumps

Feel down in the mouth
Feel low
Feel unhappy

Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling rather down in the dumps.
(최근 몇주동안 우울해있다.)

What do you do when you feel down in the dumps?
(우울할 때는 어떻게 하세요?)

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps ever since I lost my job.
(일자리를 잃은 이후로는 우울에 빠져있다.)

What’s wrong with Mandy? She’s been looking a bit down in the mouth all day.
(맨디 무슨 일 있어? 하루종일 우울해보이는데.)

Conversation 1
A: What are you doing this weekend?
B: I’m going to see Jane, she just broke up with her boyfriend.
A: That’s a pity, how is she?
B: She’s a bit down in the dumps, so I’m going to try and cheer her up.

A: 이번 주말에 뭐할거야?
B: 제인을 만나려구. 남자친구하고 막 헤어졌거든.
A: 가여워라. 어떻게 지내고 있어?
B: 좀 좌절에 빠져 있어. 그래서 내가 기운 좀 복돋아주려고 해.

Conversation 2
A: Are you all right?
B: Yeah, nothing’s wrong, I just feel a little down.
A: Really, why?
B: I don’t really know, I think I must be missing home. I’m sure I’ll be ok.

A: 괜찮아요?
B: 응, 별문제 아니아. 그냥 좀 우울해.
A: 정말, 왜?
B: 잘 모르겠어. 집이 그리운 것 같아. 괜찮아지겠지.

Conversation 3
A: How was your date with Kate?
B: Oh it was awful, everything went wrong, now she doesn’t want to speak to me again.
A: I’m really sorry for you, I know you really liked her
B: Yeah, I don’t really know what to do next.
A: Well don’t let it get you down, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

A: 케이트와의 데이트 어땠어?
B: 우, 최악이었어. 모든게 엉망이었지. 아마 다시는 나하고 얘기도 하려고 하지 않을거야.
A: 정말 안됐다. 네가 그애를 얼마나 좋아하는지 알고 있는데.
B: 맞아. 이제 어떻게 해야 좋을지 모르겠어.
A: 너무 실망하지마, 여자는 얼마든지 있어.

동의어 Conversation
A: Hi there, you look down in the mouth, what’s the matter?
B: I just got fired from my job and I don’t know what I’m going to do about money.
A: Well if I were you I wouldn’t sit around feeling down, I’d get out and find myself a new job!

A: 안녕! 너 우울해보인다. 무슨 일이야?
B: 방금 해고당했어. 이제 어떻게 돈문제를 어떻게 해야 할지 모르겠지.
A: 그래도 내가 너라면 앉아있지 않고 나가서 새로운 일을 찾을거야.
(callan book stage 7, 635p)

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