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Fed up

sick and tired, and bored
‘지긋지긋하다’, ‘실증난다’, ‘~에 물리다’는 뜻

Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longer:
뭔가에 대해 더이상 참을수 없는 상태.

be fed 〜 、become fed〜、Be fed up with〜

annoyed, discontented, or bored, cheesed off

I’m fed up with your conduct
(당신의 행동에는 정말 질렸어)

She was fed up with their complaints.
(그녀는 그들의 불만에 정말 질렸다)

I resigned because I was fed up.
(지긋지긋해서 일 그만두었어)

Consumers are fed up with misleading food labels.
(소비자들은 잘못된 식품표시에 질려있다.)

I’m fed up with hearing him say the same old thing every time we meet.
(그사람이 맨날 똑같은 소리를 하는건 정말 지긋지긋해)

Some people are fed up with so much violence on television.
(텔레비전에 너무 폭력물이 많아서 신물나하는 사람들이 있다.)

I’m fed up with her – she always keeps me waiting.
(그 여자한테는 질렸어. 맨날 기다리게 만들지.)

She was fed up with the frustrations of staying home all day”
(그녀는 하루종일 집에 처박혀있어서 짜증이 났다.)

I’m fed up (with) waiting for him.
(그사람을 기다리는 것은 신물이 난다.)

He had become fed up with city life.
(그는 도시생활에 질렸다.)

Conversation 1
a: What’s the matter with you? You don’t look happy.
b: Oh, I’m fed up. I’ve been looking for a job for weeks and I can’t find anything.
a: Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure something will come up.

a: 왜 그래, 기분 별로인것 같네.
b: 음, 정말 지쳤어. 몇주동안 일을 찾았는데 아무 것도 못찾았거든…
a: 걱정하지마, 틀림없이 뭔가 찾을 거야.

Conversation 2
a: Hey, how are you doing?
b: Not great. I’m really fed up with my roommate. He keeps using my stuff without asking first. I’m thinking about moving out.

a: 어이, 잘 지내?
b: 별로야. 룸메이트한테는 정말 질렸어. 허락도 없이 내 물건을 맘대로 쓰거든. 이사갈까 생각중이야.

Conversation 3
a: What’s the problem? What are you fed up with?
b: I’m fed up with studying all the time. I want to go to the beach instead.
a: Well, don’t worry, you’ll be finished soon.

a: 왜 그래? 뭐땜에 그렇게 지쳐있니
b: 계속 공부만 하다보니 지쳤어. 바다에나 갔음 좋겠어.
a: 그래? 너무 걱정마 금방 끝날 거야.

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