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What’s he on about

I don’t understand what he is trying to say. It all sounds mad to me

상용례I am not sure what he/she is on about
what are you on about?


Couldn’t understand what he was on about.

(그 사람 무슨 말을 하는지 통모르겠어)

Conversation 1
A: How is your new job?

B: Oh the job is ok, but I have a bit of a problem with the manager.

A: Really, what’s the problem?

B: He has a really strong accent so I am not sure what he is on about half of the time.

A: Oh that’s not good, you should ask him to speak a bit slower.

B: I thought about that, but I don’t want him to think that my English isn’t very good.

A: 새 일은 좀 어때?

B: 응, 일은 괜찮은데 매니저하고 좀 문제가 있어.

A: 정말 뭐가 문젠데?

B:그사람 억양이 정말 강해서 반이상 무슨 말을 하는지 모겠어.

A: 아, 그건 좋지 않군. 조금 천천히 말하도록 부탁하는 게 좋아.

B: 그것도 생각해봤는데 내 영어가 좋지 않다고 생각하게 하기가 싫어.

Conversation 2
A: Oh god no…

B: Huh?

A: How could he?

B: What?

A: And with her…

B: Who?

A: I’m going to kill him

B: Wait, what are you on about?

A: My boyfriend

B: What? Slow down.

A: I found my boyfriend kissing the girl from the club with the short skirt.

B: Ah, I see…

A: 아유、、세상에、、

B: 응?

A: 어떻게 그럴 수가、、、

B: 뭐?

A: 하필이면 걔하고、、

B: 누구?

A: 죽여버릴거야.

B: 잠깐만, 무슨 말을 하는거야

A: 내 남자 친구말이야.

B: 뭐?진정해!

A: 남자친구가 클럽에서 미니스커트 입은 애랑 키스하는 걸 봤어.

B: 아, 그랬구나,,,

Conversation 3 

There you go, it’s a bit tricky to fit in to conversations and make people understand the conversation, and otherwise it would be

A: jhfbkvfnvknmmph

B: Huh?

A: ljegfouhefojk kufhlem clhf jewf klju4 oirkn

B: What are you on about?

A: 아유라ㅓ낼마ㅓㅇ렂ㄷ롸ㅡㅡㄴ

B: 어?

A: 아유라ㅓ낼마ㅓㅇ렂ㄷ롸ㅡㅡㄴㅣ머리지니ㅏㅜ

B: 무슨 말을 하는 거야?

(callan book stage 8, 721p)

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