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Watch one’s step

Be careful what one does or says

(행동이나 언행에 조심하다)


You have to watch your step

You’d better watch your step.


You’ll have to watch your step or you’ll find yourself in great difficulty.

(조심하지 않으면 큰일날거야. )

You have to watch your step when you do business with people you know nothing about

( 전혀 모르는 사람들과 비지니스 할 때는 조심해야 합니다. )

He’s in a bad mood, so watch your step and don’t say anything wrong!

(그 사람 기분이 안좋으니까 조심하고 이상한 말 절대 하지마!)

Conversation 1

A: I’m going to go bushwalking this weekend.

B: Really? Where are you going?

A: Up in the Blue Mountains.

B: Oh, some of the paths up there are very narrow and a little dangerous, you’d better watch your step.

A: Thanks for the advice, but I will be careful.

A: 이번 주말에 부쉬워킹 갈거야.

B: 정말? 어디 갈거야?

A: 블루마운틴

B: 어, 거기 매우 좁고 약간 위험한 길이 있어, 조심해야 할거야.

A: 알려줘서 고마워, 조심할거야.

Conversation 2

A: Did you hear about Kate’s new boyfriend?

B: Yes I met him last weekend.

A: What did you think?

B: There was something about him that I didn’t like.

A: What?

B: I’m not sure, but I didn’t trust him, so I told her to watch her step.

A: Kate의 새 남자친구 얘기 들었니?

B: 응, 지난 주에 만났어.

A: 어떤 것 같아?

B: 왠지 맘에 안드는 부분이 있어.

A: 뭔데?

B: 잘 모르겠지만 그사람을 믿을 수가 없어. 그래서 조심하라고 했어.

Conversation 3

A: What are you doing tonight?

B: I’m going out drinking with my friends.

A: Where are you going?

B: Up to Kings Cross.

A: You’d better watch your step up there, I hear it can be dangerous.

B: I’ll try to.

A: 오늘 밤 뭐 할거야?

B: 친구하고 한잔 하려고 해.

A: 어디로 갈건데?

B: 킹스크로스.

A: 거기 좀 위험하다고 들었는데 조심하는 좋을거야.

B: 그럴게.

Conversation 4

A: I was late for work today, again

B: Oh no, what did the boss say?

A: He wasn’t very happy, he told me that if I didn’t watch my step then I would be looking for a new job.

B: Oh dear, make sure that you are on time tomorrow.

A: 오늘 또 지각했어.

B: 아이구, 사장님이 뭐래?

A: 안 좋아 하지. 조심하지 않으면 다른 일자리 알아봐야 할거래.

B: 세상에 내일은 절대 늦지마!

(Callan book4, Stage 8 715p)

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