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Put one’s foot down

단호한 태도를 처하다
to be very determined in stopping something

유의어Take a firm stand
assert something strongly
상용구I’m putting my foot down

My dad puts his foot down when it comes to my bedtime.

(내 잠자는 시간에 있어서는 아버지께서 단호하십니다.)

She put her foot down and changed the name of the company.

(그녀는 단호하게 회사의 이름을 바꿨습니다.)

I finally put my foot down and demanded to talk to someone in charge.
(나는 드디어 담당자와 얘기하기로 했다.)

Conversation 1
A: Is your housemate still causing trouble?

B: No, he’s being really good now.

A: Wow, what happened?

B: I put my foot down and told him that if he didn’t start behaving himself I would have him thrown out.

A: Was he angry?

B: No he was really apologetic, I think I scared him!

A: 쉐어메이트는 아직도 말썽부려?

B: 아니, 지금은 좋아.

A: 와! 무슨 일이 있었어?

B: 단호하게 앞으로 얌전히 있지않으면 내쫒을 거라고 했어.

A: 그 사람 화냈어?

Conversation 2
A: This is the third time you have been late for work this week.

B: Yes I know, I’m very sorry, it won’t happen again.

A: That is what you said last time. Now I am going to put my foot down. If you are late again you will lose your job, do you understand?

B: Yes, I’m very sorry

A: 벌써 이번주에 세번째 늦었어.

B: 네, 알아요. 죄송해요, 다시는 안늦을 거예요.

A: 지난 번에도 그렇게 말했잖나. 이제는 통하지 않아. 다시 한번 늦으면 해고 될거야, 알겠나?

B: 네, 정말 죄송합니다.

Conversation 3
A: Is your boss still making you work late?

B: Yes, almost everyday.

A: Have you asked him for overtime?

B: No, I haven’t

A: Well you should put your foot down and tell him that if he wants you to work late, he’s going to have to pay you.

A: 사장이 아직도 늦게까지 일시켜요?

B: 응, 거의 매일요.

A: 야근 수당 요구했어요?

B: 아니요, 아직

A: 단호하게 야근시킬거면 수당지불해야 한다고 말해요.

(callan book stage8 , 705p)

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