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Mind one’s own business

뜻 :not to interfere with, or ask questions about, other people’s business or private life

자신의 일에 신경써라즉, 너와는 상관없다는 뜻

유의어:none of your business

참고:It’s not my business. 나와는 상관없다


I was just walking down the road, minding my own business, when I was attacked by a mugger.

(그냥 길을 걸으면서 생각에 빠져있었더니 소매치기에게공격당했다)

He asked me how old I was. I told him he should mind his own business.

(그가 내 나이를 물어와서 쓸데없는 질문이라고 말했다.)

It’s my life. Mind your own business(내일이야, 참견하지마!)

Excuse me. Would you please mind your own business and stop staring?(죄송하지만 그만좀쳐다보시면안될까요?)

Conversation 1

A: Hi, what happened to your face?

B: Oh, I was in a fight last night.

A: What happened, it looks really bad.

B: Well, I was just sitting there minding my own businesswhen this drunk guy came over and punched me.

A: What did he do that for?

B: I have no idea, I hadn’t done anything.

A:이봐, 얼굴이왜그래?

B: 음, 어젯밤에싸움에휘말렸어.

A: 무슨 일이 있었는데?엄청 심하네.

B: 글쎄, 그냥 앉아서아무짓도 안했는데<술취한남자가 와서나를때리는거야.

A: 왜그랬을까?

B: 도무지알수가없어. 난 아무짓도 안했는데…

Conversation 2

A: So, how did your date go last night?

B: I’m not telling

A: Oh come on, where did he take you?

B: We just went to a little restaurant.

A: Did you kiss him?

B: Mind your own business!!!

A: Why won’t you tell me?

B: Because it is none of your business what I did or did not do.

A: 그래서데이트어땠어?

B: 안 가르쳐 줄거야.

A: 왜?그러지말고,,어디 데리고 가던?

B: 그냥 조그만 레스토랑에 갔어.

A: 키스했어?

B: 쓸데없는 참견이야!

A: 왜얘기안해주니?

B:내가 뭘하든 너하고는상관없는일이니까.

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